My name is Eva R. Lima and I am a landscape photographer, a passionate traveller and a loving mom and wife. The order varies a fair bit.

I love taking beautiful photos! It is those special moments when the first rays of sunlight bring a landscape to life that keep me going. My mission is to bring that feeling home. I would like to show you, what you might usually not see: the early morning sun, the misty water, the milky way. Please join me on this journey and take a look around.

While I have travelled my fair share and love to explore new places and cultures, it is by no means my profession to travel. I do however like to think that I do it pretty professionally in terms of exploring the most and best parts of those new places. Hence, Professional Tourist Photography!

My photos have been featured in online publications such as BBC News, The Telegraph, The Daily Mail and as well as in the Photocrowd & Alamy Exibition 2015 at theprintspace in London.

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